Child and Adolescent Therapy

Working with Children

Choosing a therapist for your child can be a challenging task. We encourage you to do your research to ensure that the therapist you choose will be a good fit for both you and your child's needs and personality. Below you will find some information about our approach to working with children and teens.

We believe in and honor a collaborative approach. This means that you will be an integral part of the therapeutic process. Your input and participation is imperative to the progress and success you will see your child make. Besides, you know your child best and spend the most time with them!

Like all our therapy approaches, your child and you will leave session with skills, strategies and solutions for problem behaviors and with a greater sense of self confidence.

Working with Adolescents

As you probably know from your own personal experience, adolescence is a tough time! Our work with teens starts with building trust and a therapeutic alliance. Most teens don't want to be in therapy and definitely don't want to talk to another adult. We have found however, that once that point of connection and trust is formed many teens appreciate having another adult, other than their parents, to talk to. Although every teen situation is different our work with teens often follows a strength based and solution oriented approach with an emphasis on personal development and healthy decision making.